There is no secret if you want to experience some of the best Atlantic salmon fly fishing available anywhere, New Brunswick is the No.1 place to visit. This place has been consistently attracting thousands of high–profile fishers for more than a century. From Duke of Windsor to Bing Crosby, the list is quite long. Although this place is famous for fly fishing Atlantic salmon, the rivers, lakes, and ocean of New Brunswick are host to dozens of underwater fish and shellfish species. This blog post will outline the favorite fly fishing hotspots in the province to better understand what draws anglers back to New Brunswick every year.

Miramichi RiverNo doubt, the Miramichi River is very much popular among the fishers for its Atlantic salmon. The river covers almost 155 miles of areas across New Brunswick. In fact, this is the home to maximum Atlantic salmon than any other river not only in Canada but also in North America. The river is so famous for Atlantic salmon, you can find even an Atlantic salmon museum near the river in Doaktown. However, Atlantic salmon is best targeted in July when they are headed towards the Miramichi river for feeding in preparation for the spawning season. So heading out for a fly fishing adventure in the Miramichi river is a good idea to catch the Atlantic salmons and your chances of success are always highest.

  1. Cains River

This 70 miles long river is not only famous for its Atlantic salmon but also for its sea-run brook trout. In fact, the Cains River is the home to thousands of biggest brookies in Eastern Canada. Some of these fishes even weigh more than 10 lb. However, the maximum portion of the river’s lower reach belongs to the private owner. So, your best bet for fly fishing in the Cains River is paddling in search of a deep pool.

  1. Saint John River

No doubt, the Saint John River is home to numerous species of fish. But it is famous for its striped bass. Some fishermen even claim this river to be the best place in entire Canada to target these stripped basses. A huge amount of bass (some are more than 20 lb) is caught from this river every year. In fact, this river holds the unofficial record of catching the biggest Canadian bass of 62 lb in 1979. Besides that, a 48 lb bass was recently pulled from this river in 2008. In addition, this river is the home to a unique Atlantic sturgeon fishery and the smaller shortnose sturgeon.

  1. Restigouche River

Restigouche River flows across the Northwestern part of New Brunswick province. This river welcomes almost 15000 to 20000 Atlantic salmon every year. As a result, thousands of anglers all over the world gather on the bank of the Restigouche River for fly fishing, especially during the salmon seasons. However, the fly fishing salmons in the Restigouche River is more difficult due to the aggressive nature of Restigouche salmons. Many anglers express the difficulties they faced when they hooked a Restigouche salmon. Nonetheless, this river’s clean water and tranquil atmosphere are perfect for making the entire fly fishing experience a memorable one, irrespective of your success rate.

We hope you have a clear idea about the top fly fishing spots in New Brunswick. For more information regarding the other rivers, don’t hesitate to contact Miramichi Salmon as early as possible.